Saturday 12 March 2016

Wisteria Enchantress - Heather Valentin's Coloring Without Boundaries Individual Colouring

Hi Everyone,

I want to share my colouring 
of the flowers with you today.

I used Heather's
She is just gorgeous.

Here is my colouring
of the flowers in the
following steps

Firstly I used my lightest colour and coloured all the flowers.  Then I came in with my darkest colour and add it to the flowers to give it some depth.

To blend out the Copic Purple combination for the flowers.  I started with my darkest colour. Moving on to the second darkest colour and ended with my lightest Copic Sketch Marker.  Using the lightest colour in the end is to get a good blending effect of all the colours.

As an extra 
I also sharing my colouring
of the Tree Trunk with you.

I started by colouring the whole Tree Trunk with my lightest Copic Marker.

Just like with my colouring of the flowers I then start with my darkest marker and end up with my lightest colour to blend out all of the colours.

My finished Wisteria Enchantress Image

As you know from my previous colouring posts.  I like to go back again with my darkest Copic Marker to get a deeper depth of colour.  It is noticeable in the flowers, tree trunk and her dress.

Copic Colour Combo that I used 
to colour this beautiful Wisteria Enchantress Image:

Now it is all over to you.  Hope you enjoyed what I shared about the colouring of Wisteria Enchantress Flowers and Tree Trunk.

Please come and show us your beautiful colouring over at our Facebook group Heather Valentin's Coloring Without Boundaries.

Thank you for visiting me, I always appreciate you taking the time to leave a lovely comment.

Anet x


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