Saturday, 6 February 2016

Misty Rain Catcher Colouring - Heather Valentin's Coloring Without Boundaries

Hi Everyone,

This is my first Individual Colouring for Heather Valentin's Coloring Without Boundaries. Thank you Heather for giving me the opportunity to be part of your wonderful new Heather Valentin's Coloring Without Boundaries.  I feel so honoured and privileged.

The Heather Valentin's Coloring Without Boundaries is a fun colouring group for everyone and of all ages.

Thank you for joining me and I hope that you will enjoy what I am sharing here with you about my colouring of the image.  Do not forget to visit the Heather Valentin's Coloring Without Boundaries often, you do not want to miss the wonderful inspiration from the Heather Valentin's Coloring Without Boundaries.

I used this beautiful New Release Image of Heather called 

My first step is to think about the colour combination I want to use and from which direction my light source is coming.  I coloured my image with the light source coming from the right hand side.  Oh, yes the skin looks so dark at this moment, but you will see after the image is coloured it does blend in nicely.


I always start colouring the face and hair first.  I just love using the same Skin Copic Combination for all the images I colour.


I always colour the dress first with my lightest colour to make it easier for the colours to blend.  From there I start with my darkest colour and work down to my lightest colour.  This is my personal preference I know that other people like to work from light to dark.  All up to what you feel comfortable with.

I coloured the leaves with my favourite Green Copic Combination.  I just love the Green Combination.  The colours blend so nicely.

My finished Misty Rain Catcher Image

Copic Colour Combo that I used 
to colour this beautiful Misty Rain Catcher Image:


To take extra care of your Copics.  Finished colouring your image before you add Glitter.  It is not good at all for your Copic Markers to touch the wet Glitter.


I just have to make mention of the Colourless Blender Marker.  I called it my Do Not Worry I Will Fix It Marker.  If whenever you colour over the lines just use the Colourless Blender.  With some colours you do need to take some time to get it lighter and of course I am talking about our beautiful Red colours.

Now it is all over to you.  Please come and show us your beautiful colouring over at our Facebook group Heather Valentin's Coloring Without Boundaries.

Remember Each Day, All Month Long our Colouring Team will share Tips and Colouring Techniques so please check back daily.

Thank you for visiting me, I always appreciate you taking the time to leave a lovely comment.

Anet x

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